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Reliable Data

We employ machine learning for data quality checks, Data Delivered to you in XML, JSON, CSV , stream API or Data Could be uploaded to Buckets - Amazon S3 , Dropbox , Google Drive , One Drive and FTP accounts.


Incremental Crawling

You could schedule the data extraction crawls and get notified when the website undergoes changes - Change Detection - Computer Vision Models are used.

Real Time Search Crawls

Our crawler technology supports Live Search Crawls, Social Media Crawling, Vertical Search Engines, Large Scale Crawls, Image Crawler, Video Crawler and Crawling Deep Entity Pages.

Impart Data Driven Decision Making as your lifestyle.

We will extract the data you
need to make smarter decisions

We are here to listen to your needs

Submit the Seed Websites , tags that needs to be extracted , would you require quality checks on the data - data cleaning efforts The frequency of crawls , monitor website for changes - incremental crawling - image crawler - metadata crawler - video crawler - market research - product research - product reviews - real estate crawling - indexing and live search feeds.

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Crawling Domains


Product Aggregation & Retail Pricing

Product , Price , SKU's , Reviews Extraction of retail websites - Amazon, Walmart, HomeDepot, Etsy.

Dark web, law enforcement & compliance

Identify child trafficking , drug smuggling , child pornography , illegal arms sales and many more from the dark web.

Social Network Intelligence

Monitoring of ratings and reviews, sentiment analysis , Identification of fake reviews , mine reviews of your competitor products to get real insight on why it is successful , Topic specific crawler for social media crawling.


Hours Spent Working on Web Crawling


Websites Crawled


Databases Created


Step 1: Submit Requirements

Submit the following information :
1. Websites need to be crawled
2. Tags/Fields to be extracted
3. Desired Frequency of crawls
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Step 2: Receive Sample Data Feed

1. Crawler Script Setup for Website
2. Data Extraction Process is Done
3. You need to validate the data
4. Finalize Crawler Setup upload data

Step 3: Data Access

Finally, you’ll download the data via our API in XML, JSON or CSV format. Data can also be uploaded to your Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive and FTP account.

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